Tangerine Inc. is founded by fashion designer Tatiana Alarcon. She had a dream and a vision and from the need to ​​materialize it, Tangerine Inc. was born.

“My childhood has always inspired my fashion style.  My mother used to dress me with the cutest dresses and my father would made me wear chunky sneakers with them. Nowadays, I identify this style as the combination of my feminine and adventurous side.
Tangerine is more than a brand, something personal to me.
It is my way of telling the world. This is my essence, this is who I am."

We are a small local business based in Brooklyn. All of our products are handmade. We emphasize our use of fabric made of natural fibers. Each product is carefully crafted. We put a lot of care on every step of the process from selecting the right fabric, cutting and sewing your item to packing each order for you.

We have the goal of growing to the point of being able to offer sizes for everyone. We want our clients to feel satisfied. That is why if you do not see your size in the clothes you like. We are more than happy to accommodate this request for you if materials are available. Please reach out for more information. 


This collection is the freshness of long days in the garden. This idea brings me back to my childhood memories, when I used to play around fruit trees and butterflies at my grandmother’s house.

I am from Latin America and where I grew up it was always hot. So for me, the best memories of my life are me wearing dresses, jumping and dancing through the breeze, running through the flowers and feeling the wind on my face. Memories of the fresh smell of coffee every morning mixed with the aroma of roses in the garden. As well as the nostalgia of collecting mangoes at sunset. I want Tangerine Inc SS21 to be that sense of freedom and comfort for you as well